What do I have in my plate today?

To begin with, last two days have been horrible for me in terms of food. Night of day before yesterday, I came home late quite late from office and had no energy to cook anything. I looked up and nothing was there that I could have in next 15-20 min. I drank 2 glasses of milk and slept. next morning I had am office call, had not time for breakfast. Had some cereal and went to office. I came early and cooked lentils and rice for myself and had it till the stomach was gratified. It was an early dinner, so I just had few nuts before going to bed. Now today morning I had to rush again but in the meantime I got a call from office that everyone is working from home so I decided to WFH as well. After taking bath and all, I wanted to have breakfast. I opened the refrigerator and was shell shocked. It was empty. Not even milk, nothing , void, zero !! I thought now I will have to eat that lentil and rice early in the morning, I opened the vessel in which the lentil was kept and  I saw it had gone bad. Man !! I cant leave work to go to jewel or whole foods now? I had an apple that I had bought a month ago, yes a month ago !! but never ate it. I thought how it will be, I cut it in half and tasted a tiny slice , it was still juicy. I was happy, thats the best thing about fruits 🙂 .I had boiled a potato yesterday and I have sun dried tomatoes. Let’s see what can I do here !! 

And the end result was green and healthy and satisfactory.



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