Vegetarian? How do you get your protein ?

I guess all the vegetarians out there must have answered this question from an omnivore one time or the other. Plant based diet are not only healthy but are a good provision of all the nutrients for sustainability and well do to psyche of human brain.

I am a Hindu Brahmin and eating meat is considered a sin .  But nowadays most of the people do. Even in my family, few of my relatives relish the softness and the protein richness of the tandoori chicken , kebabs ,rogan josh etc . It was their choice so they started eating it. I am not being judgmental, its upto them. They enjoy it and they have it, that’s it ! its a simple equation.

But, the question is many of my friends who were vegetarians/vegans (at least pretended) started eating non veg products when they went out of the country and the reason they gave was “we want to have proteins” . I would say they started because they wanted to or they were too lazy to cook for themselves.

Soy, lentils, tofu,walnuts, whole grains come to my brain when I think of protein for vegetarians.So, last night my plate looked like this. Boiled rice with lentils. I prepared lentil with minimum oil and chopped half onion and one tomato and added to my it. I supplemented my food with a cup of water, the most refreshing drink in the universe.On the top are the saute onions prepared in balsamic vinegar.




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