Thank you and gratitude

I came to Chicago a month ago and was living in a hotel. I was searching for an apartment to live. 

I took help of many people, I met this guy from Chicago Apartment Finders , one girl from apartment guys, another Indian guy who waned me to have his room only for one month(which I cant do, I hate packing unpacking again and again) , another Russian guy. 

After Googling and visiting all these apartment listings, I finally found a place decent enough to zero down as home . After settling down I decided to write to all those people that I have found a place and thanks for your help, I would like to be friends , if you want to meet for a coffee or a drink, do give me a call. I heard from none ! Though I wasn’t expecting them to be gregarious and friends with me but I was expecting at least a reply. Was I wrong in my expectation? Don’t know.

This incident gave me a perspective that there are few people whom you meet and the relation is only business, even a thank you or expression of gratitude cannot change those or conclude them on a positive note.


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