My Sudoku day

Alzheimer’s run in my family. I am very scared, I don’t want to end up with one.

I read in many articles that if you train your brain , the risk  of getting this condition can be  reduced.

I am good at numbers, and when I was in college I used to do this SuDoku, crosswords just for fun. Yesterday I was in Barnes and Nobel and my eyes landed on this small book ,The Little Book Of Lots Of Sudoku . I decided to buy it immediately and treat my brain again.

I think Sudoku is one of the most popular games these days, and the best part is it is compact and spirited, subtle yet complicated. I like this part of the game.Fun thing is sudoku , the Japanese game ,is not ancient. 

So, I woke up today , 3 hours ago , after morning ablutions I started solving the first puzzle which titled Light and Easy. It took me approx. 40 minute to solve the easy one  opposed to less than 10 minutes when I used to do so regularly during my engineering degree.

This struck my brain . Even though I am in a job which requires lateral thinking and nowadays a lot of mathematics, my brain was not at the sharpest level. It shows how mundane and monotony and repetitiveness can make your brain dull .One has to train the brain. It will get rust if you won’t train it. 

So start doing anything , scrabble, crosswords, kakuro, sudoku, fill the dots, word search, whatever you like . Feed the brain, its like any other organ of the body, use it and sharpen it.

BTW..I have also read that bilingual people have fewer chances of getting Alzheimer, I am already bilingual and I taught myself German few years ago. Right now I can only introduce myself in German, will have to brush up my knowledge to reach the conversational level again 🙂


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