International Women’s day

Two days ago, a friend of mine asked for suggestions on what should she speak on and how should she organize er talk that she has to give in front of a gathering of the people on March 8 .I told her rather than speaking on empowering women, or how important women are and how human race will be finished without them talk about the real life women, give examples,from your own life on how few women you know came out strongly.Instead of talking about Tessy Thomas, Chanda Kochhar, Marisa Mayer talk about the women whom we meet in everyday life. I am not undermining the achievements of these ladies, they are awesome and phenomenal but sometimes our daily lives can throw some cases when individuals do something which is beautiful.

Now to the celebration of women’s day . I don’t know what should I say to this but let me present my case. Men and Women are inhabiting the earth together since ages then why only one day for a particular gender? Isn’t it a biased behavior? Isn’t it akin to beseeching for the equality, seeking alms?  Why only one day? If you are a feminist, you will detest the concept of celebrating womanhood eighth day of the third month of the Gregorian Calendar we use today.

If there is so much ranting about the equality, and there is so much equality then why there are child marriages, why bride burning, why so many cases of rapes? .

Women’s and man’s role is not abstract, it varies widely and vividly. A women is incarnation of Goddess Durga and is capable of playing all the 9 roles. Man and woman are two sides of the same coin , both of them compliment each other. They are similar to the two sides of the balancing scales,both of them must be equal to strike the balance. And its us who are the direct stakeholders of this equilibrium.

To me women’s day seems to be a reminder to women that you are living in a patriarchal society , male dominated world. Its us who have permitted you to observe one day for you and your feminism and we can take this away from you any time. To me its a sham.  

May be I do not understand the concept behind celebrating this day,may be my though process is not evolved enough to understand the underlying logic behind it. We have a question in front of us, how to maintain that equality, how to stike that balance. We have a long way to go but we can start at home. Parents can teach their son’s and daughters to respect other women. They can teach them how to be more sensitive and responsible.

One of my friend uses the word MCP (Male Chauvinist Pig) , I totally second that there are males who are downright MCP and more than that. How can we change this thought process, this is the question to ask. Just dedicating one day won’t have any effect.

Few days ago I was having a conversation with some guy at office(Management graduate from top B school in the world) ,and the topic got diverted to rapes . The guy made a statement that all girls in short skirts are sluts and all beggars and prostitutes are same. 

I only could smile at his audacity in choice of words. I smiled because I felt the thousands of dollars he spent on his education just went to drain with his one statement of his. What can change a man if education can’t , I was wondering.Nothing can be done as long as people are printing posters like these.Downright atrocious .Image 



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