Frozen Michigan and Meditating Himalayas

I and Clyde went to the northwestern university, Illinois. It is situated on the lake shore. As usually , it was snowing . I wanted to go near to the shore . It was frigid and brutal weather, but then too I wanted to try it for once. Though Clyde was reluctant, I convinced him it can be an experience. 



I had not had proper gloves with me. I went inside the frozen Michigan lake and stood there for a while.I could sense the wind blowing across the vast mass of frozen lake turned into land . Then I decided to take off my gloves, muffs and hood to feel the cold air against my face and hands. It was a spine chilling experience I am telling you. Then I thought of the yogis of Himalayas, how can they survive in the brutal weather with nothing but only a loin cloth on them. One thing I noted that when I was immersed in other thoughts I didn’t feel that cold as I was feeling before.So, I concluded if one is very willful and is capable of controlling the sense organs, the ever sprinting mind, one can do so. And that’s what the yogis of Himalayas have mastered.



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