Pasta = Carbs !! Isn’t it ???

I am a lazy fellow and Chicago weather helps me in maintaining this laziness. I am still on my healthy diet plan . I had virtually nothing left in the fridge , and in the shelf I had this small packet of pasta. Pasta reminds me of fine ground flour , maida, from which the bran has been removed. Also, it has habit of sticking itself to the walls of your stomach which can cause pain.

If it is so unhealthy and vilified in so many health texts then why would one country will base its diet on it. If this was the case, Italy’s denizens  should have been the unhealthy lot of the human beings. Actually, whenever I think of pasta I see macaroni,farfella,vermicilli dipped in lot of cheese, and soy sauce, with a little bit of vegetables.This is surely not desirable.

I thought of doing some experiment, I can make it healthy. One way of making anything healthy is complementing it with lot of vegetables. I did the same. I had few tomatoes, spring onions and garlic. I crushed them all in a grinder and heated it to prepare my marinara dressing.

I had overcooked the pasta, so it was very very soft.I added few finely grated carrots to get the crunchy feeling.Lettuce and tomatoes on top made my plate healthy one. 🙂 🙂



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