Hybrid salad

I won’t say I am fat or healthy(euphemistic terms) I have a lean frame and my waist is 32” and I am happy with that. But for past few days I am seeing a slight bulge in my abdomen. I detest it from the core. Being a vegetarian I do not have myriad options for my taste buds in the country of ham burgers and hot dogs. But the processed veg food is high in fats and calories which can be fattening as well. Moreover the milk ,of which I am fond of, is very pure here.(First time I am missing the adulterated milk 😀 ) . What to do now? How to keep my weight in check ? I am 5′ 9 ” and my weight is 61-62 kg (approx 134  lbs).People would say I am underweight. But whatever, I feel pleasant in my slenderness. What is bothering me now are the extra layers of fat that are sitting uninvited on me.

Salad with balsamic vinegar dressing is very desirable lunch for me. Ranch dressing is very creamy, though it tastes good but I don’t want the bottled ones as I am sure they put class 2 preservatives in it. Hummus and Tahini are ok once in a while, but I prefer the former as a a spread on Mexican flat bread of corn flour(tortillas) .

I opened the fridge and saw the spinach that I had bought a week earlier. I wanted to throw it away as the bunch looked like a withered flower. It was in this shape


I had very few items left , I mixed them all up to get


So, Its a mix of fried veg and raw veggies. I fried the grape tomatoes, spinach, red skin potatoes, little onion. I crushed few tomatoes, diced quarter bell pepper, added salt to create the dressing. Actually I had everything in very less quantity so dressing is not covering the full plate. half spring onion, cucumber,cranberries and lime complemented together to give me a colorful and healthy lunch.


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