Attempt to eat healthy

I see a lot of people around me, different shapes and sizes. Some of the shapes are the ones  which I don’t desire for myself. Deeply fried vegetables, red skin potatoes, patties, cheese dripping from every food puts me into the thinking mode and then the action mode in which I am cooking healthy food.

I tried to cook split pea lentil stew for myself.I put it on flame and got so busy that the water evaporated and what I was left with this : Image

few experiments turn successful and healthy in life and what I got after some slicing and dicing of vegetables was :


and my plate looks wonderful and brimming with healthy food material 🙂


The Indian flat bread (chapati) and the south Indian crepe (dosa) have a little bit extra oil in them.But once I will learn how to knead the dough I can avoid this extra oil.


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