Month: February 2014

Service before self

Alfred Adler, Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud are considered fathers of the modern psychology.

Alfred Adler had this analysis which is “Fourteen-Day Cure Plan“.

Adler claimed he could cure anyone of mental illness in just fourteen days if they would just do what he told them to do. One day a woman who was extremely depressed came to see Adler. He told her, “I can cure you of your depression in just fourteen days if you will follow my advice.”

She was not very enthusiastic when she asked, “What do you want me to do?”

Adler replied, “If you will do one thing for someone else every day for fourteen days, at the end of that time your depression will be gone.”

She objected. “Why should I do something for someone else, when no one ever does anything for me?”

Adler jokingly responded, “Well, maybe it will take you twenty-one days.” He went on to add, “If you can’t think of anything you are willing to do for someone else, just think of what you could do if you felt like it.” Adler knew that if she would even think about doing something for someone else, she would be on her way toward improvement.

This is the beautiful concept of “service before self”



Pasta = Carbs !! Isn’t it ???

I am a lazy fellow and Chicago weather helps me in maintaining this laziness. I am still on my healthy diet plan . I had virtually nothing left in the fridge , and in the shelf I had this small packet of pasta. Pasta reminds me of fine ground flour , maida, from which the bran has been removed. Also, it has habit of sticking itself to the walls of your stomach which can cause pain.

If it is so unhealthy and vilified in so many health texts then why would one country will base its diet on it. If this was the case, Italy’s denizens  should have been the unhealthy lot of the human beings. Actually, whenever I think of pasta I see macaroni,farfella,vermicilli dipped in lot of cheese, and soy sauce, with a little bit of vegetables.This is surely not desirable.

I thought of doing some experiment, I can make it healthy. One way of making anything healthy is complementing it with lot of vegetables. I did the same. I had few tomatoes, spring onions and garlic. I crushed them all in a grinder and heated it to prepare my marinara dressing.

I had overcooked the pasta, so it was very very soft.I added few finely grated carrots to get the crunchy feeling.Lettuce and tomatoes on top made my plate healthy one. 🙂 🙂


Hybrid salad

I won’t say I am fat or healthy(euphemistic terms) I have a lean frame and my waist is 32” and I am happy with that. But for past few days I am seeing a slight bulge in my abdomen. I detest it from the core. Being a vegetarian I do not have myriad options for my taste buds in the country of ham burgers and hot dogs. But the processed veg food is high in fats and calories which can be fattening as well. Moreover the milk ,of which I am fond of, is very pure here.(First time I am missing the adulterated milk 😀 ) . What to do now? How to keep my weight in check ? I am 5′ 9 ” and my weight is 61-62 kg (approx 134  lbs).People would say I am underweight. But whatever, I feel pleasant in my slenderness. What is bothering me now are the extra layers of fat that are sitting uninvited on me.

Salad with balsamic vinegar dressing is very desirable lunch for me. Ranch dressing is very creamy, though it tastes good but I don’t want the bottled ones as I am sure they put class 2 preservatives in it. Hummus and Tahini are ok once in a while, but I prefer the former as a a spread on Mexican flat bread of corn flour(tortillas) .

I opened the fridge and saw the spinach that I had bought a week earlier. I wanted to throw it away as the bunch looked like a withered flower. It was in this shape


I had very few items left , I mixed them all up to get


So, Its a mix of fried veg and raw veggies. I fried the grape tomatoes, spinach, red skin potatoes, little onion. I crushed few tomatoes, diced quarter bell pepper, added salt to create the dressing. Actually I had everything in very less quantity so dressing is not covering the full plate. half spring onion, cucumber,cranberries and lime complemented together to give me a colorful and healthy lunch.



Between May 2011 and June 2012 I used to send daily mailers to my office team.I used to ask one puzzle, riddle, mathematics question which they had to answer by the end of the day. Those who used to answer had their names in the list that I used to send with the answer of that question.

It was an interesting routine. Some people used to wait for this mailer. It was fun !

I even treated a girl with coffee who solved the birthday paradox successfully.

It was called perestroika for not a particular reason. I like glasnost and perestroika. Perestroika etymologically means reforms.Though this email was not reforming the lives of anyone but was at least introducing a new element ,a new variable to the lives of many people who were open to it. 

“Hi ! ” The Moment of Joy

On Thursday afternoon ,I was walking back to my hotel from LaSalle street. On my way back to my hotel room, I saw a little girl about 3-4 year old coming in my direction with her mother (I am assuming it was her mother) . The girl was jumping merrily while walking and was admonished by her mother when she jumped into the small water pool on the pavement, splashing in all direction. When we were just going to cross each other, she smiled and said Hi ! to me and went on with her splashing game. I waved back to her.  What a moment of joy !

Suprabhatam Seva by M S Subbulaxmi

Though I have never been to the Tirupathi temple , I wish I can go there one day to experience the devotion and faith of the devotees. It is one of the largest temples in India and is a grand pilgrimage destination.

A friend recently went there and told me about this wonderful recitation. I have listened to it many times but didn’t know what it is called by name.
The prayer devoted to lord Venkateshwar is in Sanskrit language. Just listen to diction of M S Subbulaxmi. Its as clear as crystal clear water.Words flow from her mouth as if she has achieved ekaggata (one pointedness in Pali language)

Clearer than clear

Few days ago I was browsing through some past Olympic records and  I set my eyes on the photos of the English Olympic team for cycling practicing on the velodrome, on 2-3 Google hits I started reading about how the coach helped them in becoming the most successful cycling team of the decade. It made perfect sense to me how marginal improvements can lead to wildly different results.

Attempt to eat healthy

I see a lot of people around me, different shapes and sizes. Some of the shapes are the ones  which I don’t desire for myself. Deeply fried vegetables, red skin potatoes, patties, cheese dripping from every food puts me into the thinking mode and then the action mode in which I am cooking healthy food.

I tried to cook split pea lentil stew for myself.I put it on flame and got so busy that the water evaporated and what I was left with this : Image

few experiments turn successful and healthy in life and what I got after some slicing and dicing of vegetables was :


and my plate looks wonderful and brimming with healthy food material 🙂


The Indian flat bread (chapati) and the south Indian crepe (dosa) have a little bit extra oil in them.But once I will learn how to knead the dough I can avoid this extra oil.