I want to meditate but cannot, my attention span is very less and due to this I have to spend a lot of time on one task. Many people advise me to meditate, I even asked one pro person whom I know intimately about it. But I could not meditate, focusing on a mantra will stray my attention away for sire. I have to do something about it . I got few books and apps but nothing happened.
Today I was trying to make an origami model, and it was a difficult one and I had added to it the problem of color coding.I kept working on it for 4 hours, I had no idea of the time, I wasnt  felling hungry , didnt even went to attend the call of nature. At the end I realised what I was doing was meditation only. I was focused, no fidgeting , totally concentrated , I was calm even it was a difficult model though I had a feeling in between to quit this and go to bed as it was already 4 am. My breath was normal and most importantly my heartbeat was not very high which remains high in the usual case.
I am glad that I understood some part of meditation process and also for the end result that I gotImage


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