Modular Origami






For past one year I have been doing the paper folding. I was looking for some productive hobby which can inspire me and keep me absorbed for a long time. I came in contact with Arvind Gupta, he used to present origami on Doordarshan’s Tarang (a daily TV show for children) and then Bhupesh told me about the origami sessions he was attending. I started with very easy models and usual single sheet origami such as boxes, animals, birds etc. Japanese cranes were I was particularly interested in . There is this interesting concept in rural Japan that a father gives 1000 paper cranes to his daughter on her wedding for a prosperous and happy life ahead.
I started folding in my free time and during the lunch breaks of office and there was a small zoo on my table. But few days later I saw that the cleaning guys removed them on weekend thinking of them as trash. This time I made them again and put them in my pedestal drawer.


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