Month: January 2014


Hitler spoof created by me long time ago. The original movie is called Downfall/ Der Untergang .
Though the idea is not original, but it was worth it to pay tribute to the feelings of all the people of electronics deptt who were repeating the seminar for no reason at all. I was repeating because prof though my topic is not mature for a final year grad student.
Pain !



I am a fan of contemporary music . Music can be the food of life, ok that is an exaggeration.But few days ago a friend of mine Neha Sardana, told me about this online radio in US called Pandora. 

And it is really a pandora and plays all the songs that you would like.The artificial intelligent algorithm is very efficient. I love it.

Clarity by Zedd is on my mind these days.



I want to meditate but cannot, my attention span is very less and due to this I have to spend a lot of time on one task. Many people advise me to meditate, I even asked one pro person whom I know intimately about it. But I could not meditate, focusing on a mantra will stray my attention away for sire. I have to do something about it . I got few books and apps but nothing happened.
Today I was trying to make an origami model, and it was a difficult one and I had added to it the problem of color coding.I kept working on it for 4 hours, I had no idea of the time, I wasnt  felling hungry , didnt even went to attend the call of nature. At the end I realised what I was doing was meditation only. I was focused, no fidgeting , totally concentrated , I was calm even it was a difficult model though I had a feeling in between to quit this and go to bed as it was already 4 am. My breath was normal and most importantly my heartbeat was not very high which remains high in the usual case.
I am glad that I understood some part of meditation process and also for the end result that I gotImage

Modular Origami






For past one year I have been doing the paper folding. I was looking for some productive hobby which can inspire me and keep me absorbed for a long time. I came in contact with Arvind Gupta, he used to present origami on Doordarshan’s Tarang (a daily TV show for children) and then Bhupesh told me about the origami sessions he was attending. I started with very easy models and usual single sheet origami such as boxes, animals, birds etc. Japanese cranes were I was particularly interested in . There is this interesting concept in rural Japan that a father gives 1000 paper cranes to his daughter on her wedding for a prosperous and happy life ahead.
I started folding in my free time and during the lunch breaks of office and there was a small zoo on my table. But few days later I saw that the cleaning guys removed them on weekend thinking of them as trash. This time I made them again and put them in my pedestal drawer.