New York vs Delhi : Office culture

The previous two posts are about my first week tryst in the New York city.
I am a senior Analyst/consultant at Accenture. I observed few things about the general Indian work culture
and that of US. Many senior consultants sit in the NY office, all very polished fellows. People generally smile when
they look at you, they wish you good morning even if they dont know you. I was in India’s office for 3 years and there were people in my project only
with whom I have not even talked to and vice versa. Not even a word, glance or smile is exchanged between us.
Here it’s different. People will hold doors for you , will apologise if they are blocking the door or the corridor etc.
In my home country, apologising?? are you serious?? Why do I care , I dont even know him/her is the common attitude.
I am not saying that here in NY people are the paragon of the virtues, but at least I can feel the difference at workplace.
No doubt average intelligence level of a common Indian is higher than these guys.
2nd thing, when they work, they work, no monkey business, no personal work,no facebooking.If they work from 9 to 5, it means they were productive for around 6 hours.
Scene in India is a little different.productive hours are 4-5 out of 9.But there is more freedom in US, as social media sites are not blocked, you can eat at your desks.
So, its human nature to do and crave for the things that you dont have at hand.
One more thing I have observed is no one goes to anyone’s desk for chit chat . May be they can call a person gently for a moment or two, but not for discussing what I did last night, at least not at desks.
But in cafeterias and near coffee machines, yes for sure.After all, everyone is a human here.
Cafeterias!! They are just sitting areas nothing more, no food vendor . grab your food, or get it from home and eat at the cafe seats. No concept of inhouse food is there.
Yes, there are many vending machines for snacks .But no real food.

These are the only things that are coming to my mind right now.I will keep coming back to this page for more additions.


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