Whats expected !

Algorithm of lives :

Slog for 12 years, shut yourself down for 2 or may be 3 years, go to college, get a job even if you don’t like it join the job, don’t take risks, start saving from 1st salary, buy a car,buy overpriced physical things, and other accessories to prove yourself that you are successful and have reached some platform, get married and have kids, slog in office, enjoy vacation once in a while, Goa-Thailand,Singapore, remember the old good days of college, talk to friends and discuss salary, feel jealous about the successful and happy that some are at same levels at you and dealing with same problems as you are,buy property, wait for its appreciation, sell it, take a loan , buy a new house, change the job ,slog more, repay the loan at 40-45,read newspapers, talk about social issues in public but don’t do anything,those who have opportunity to go outside the country become the part of the brigade”been there ,done that” ! ,raise your children give them the same crap as values, retire , get some past time occupation for yourself, take care of grand kids, write, blog, do anything arbit and then Au Revoir !


The lives are ordinary nothing but what we can do is to have the filler moments that will make it extraordinary.




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