Month: May 2011

Mir publishers Russia




Since my childhood I have been a fan of Russian empire; I don’t know the reason. Things related to the Siberian land have been dear and fascinating to me. I can’t remember clearly but it was a documentary genre lesson in our hindi book of class 6th on the Soviet union that increased my interest in that society. Then I guess, the red revolution, bolsheviks, Mensheviks, Lenin, cosmonauts and some other history lessons accentuated my interests in it. I also remember reading one translated book in the library in which few kids try to build their own incubator and hatch the chickens. These are few instances I remember that catalyzed the spark.

In high school, when I was preparing for the IIT entrance exam I stumbled upon a very sleek book of physics called General problems in Physics by I E Irodov; It was my sister’s book when she was preparing for all the exams. I saw that the book is of just Rs 50/- ,and the questions are continuous, without even a gap of a blank line between consecutive questions. First chapter is Kinematics. I discussed about the book in school, those people who were taking formal coaching classes told me that it is said to be one of the toughest books. Rahul also told me that it is a God book for JEE entrance. I decided to try it. I took the book to school, and started with the very first problem given in the 2nd period of school timings. I didn’t have much knowledge of vectors then hence my kinematics was quite weak. Ultimately I solved the problem in the 6th period. It took me good 1 hour to crack the problem; I remember the question was on calculating average speed.  After that day the book became an obsession for me. I carried it everywhere and used to get immense internal satisfaction if I could  solve its problems. I really regret that my brain was so analytical and had decent IQ when I used to work those problems out and now  it has just is rusting and being in atrophy .

Well, my main  point of concern was not exemplifying the glory of Irodov but was in the publisher of the book. I had noticed that some Mir publishers is behind the publication.

After few days, I came to know of I A Maron, G N Bermen both of Mir publishers print. Those were amazing books as well. The books from the soviet era have a different charm; they are very good in the content and the concept building. Especially in the area of Physics and Maths. I came to know recently why Physics and Maths were popular in Russia. They had this concept that Physics and Maths are the subjects that will take the communism forward while one scientific discipline – genetics suffered the Lysenkoism. Lysenko convinced Stalin that study of genetics is against concept of communism.

Nevertheless, now I want to revive my interest in the collection of those fascinating books from the soviet era. I have few pdf files of some of the very famous books.Please ask for them through your mail. and also if you have any then can you please send them to me.We can create a community and revive those beautiful learning material by preserving it and distributing it.